About Us

Our mission is to create healthy, thriving, high-performance workplace cultures by helping your leaders tap into the strengths of your people, align your values and goals, and create an environment that fosters success.

We started as a change management consulting firm 14 years ago. If there is anything we have learned in 14 years of doing this work, its that the culture and its leadership were the most critical component of driving any kind of organizational change. Our founder, Jackie Lauer, has been certified in change management methodologies, four different coaching programs (from Executive Coaching to Relationship Systems Coaching), conflict mediation and emotional intelligence (EQ).  Her fundamental belief is that performance and change happens one brilliant conversation at a time and conversations ARE the relationship.

Our Specialty

We specialize in fast growing technology companies. The vast majority of new clients come from former clients and client referrals. Our clients choose to bring is us in, in a variety of different ways, including:

What we are not:

We love what we do and it shows. We believe that when you do the work you love and you do it with people who share your vision and values, amazing performance naturally happens.

Our Promise

Here are some promises we can make to you, based in our values:

We will:

— Jackie has a natural ability to tackle deep seeded inhibitors of professional growth while being a positive influence on day-to-day business is unique and rewarding.
Scott Beffort,
— Jackie helped me remember the importance of celebrating every milestone – even the little ones! She also helped me realize these milestones which isn’t always easy to do when your head’s down and you’re going a million miles an hour!
Carolyn Gardner,
Novotech Technologies
— It wasn’t until I worked with Jackie that I understood the difference between Management and Leadership. Through her vision and inspiration Jackie leads or guides you to places you would not have achieved on your own.
Andrew Gagnon,
Family Inc
— Jackie is a born leader and an exceptional facilitator. She has a knack for bringing her personal and work experiences to the table as a volunteer and cares deeply about developing others – either directly or through impact and influence – to be their best.
Joe Anderson,
TD Bank