Meet Jackie Lauer, workplace culture expert and executive coach.

Hi, I am Jackie and my mission and passion is to help create healthy, thriving, high-performance workplace cultures by helping leaders tap into the strengths of their people, aligning their values and goals and creating an environment that fosters success from the inside out.

I began my journey and business nearly 20 years ago as a change management consultant, and over the last two decades, I have seen time and time again that the critical component of driving any organizational change comes down to this: culture and it’s leadership.

I am certified in change management methodologies, four different coaching programs (from executive coaching to relationship systems coaching), conflict mediation and emotional intelligence (EQ). My fundamental belief is that performance and change happens one brilliant conversation at a time and conversations ARE the relationship.

Wondering what I am like as a coach?  Well the bottom line is that I care, I have a wealth of knowledge, I listen, I am direct, but I also love to laugh and sarcasm is my middle name. I will give it to you straight, but also make sure you are laughing along the way. If you are ready to make meaningful and lasting changes for yourself as a leader and your organization, I am the coach for you.

Area of Focus

I specialize in fast growing technology companies and the vast majority of new clients come from former clients and client referrals. Clients often choose me to address the following:

  • Align the leadership team or align a new leader
  • Measure and shape the culture to align to strategic direction of the business
  • Mediate conflict and move the people or the team to productive authentic conversations and performance
  • Identify the company’s core values so that everyone can embrace and honour them authentically and be inspired by them
  • Create and implement leadership development and coaching programs that support an engaged workforce
  • Identify culture barriers to change initiatives


  • Traditional Human Resources
  • A Policy and Compliance Expert
  • A Rule Maker
  • Disconnected from the Business
  • An Enforcer
  • An Inside-the-Box Thinker
  • A Command and Control Freak
  • A Bureaucracy

I believe that when you do the work you love, and you do it with people who share your vision and values, amazing performance naturally happens.


As your coach, I will:

  • Encourage leadership and collaboration
  • Engage, enlighten, and empower while keeping it fun
  • Collaborate openly with you and with each other
  • Embrace continuous learning and celebrate change
  • Be accountable to my clients and myself
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and directly
  • Act ethically with integrity and sincerity
  • Not take myself too seriously :)