Our Approach: Value-Based Leadership

The Heart of Culture is built on the foundation of doing what’s right through values-based leadership. Leaders, teams and organizations that live their values are more connected to their work. They are inspired and inspire those around them.

The Heart of Purpose, Leadership, and Culture

Leading by example, we will bring you insight and expertise and work with you and your team to align your goals organizationally wide and harness the true potential of your people. We want to uncover your best and make it a top priority in your growth strategy.

Drawing on the latest research on leadership in practice, and leveraging case studies and lessons from top executives, we will challenge you to lead responsibly and effectively. We’ll work at your side, and using our E5 Leadership Engagement Model, executive coaching, team discussions, hard work, and commitment, together we’ll make positive change happen.

Integrated Performance Service

Your organizational culture and business performance are challenged by a network of interrelated issues. Life gets busy and confusing. While companies strive to improve revenue, the core of how that happens and continue to happen can suffer. That core is you and your people.

We don’t believe in or prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution to your pain points and goals. Our E5 Leadership Engagement Model begins by understanding where you are right now. Together, we will work to get you where you need to be and want to grow.

Growing up in the Trenches

We are not consultants with letters after our names and certifications on our walls. We are action-oriented warriors like you. We’ve been there and done it. We’ve had our share of challenges, overseen culture shifts, and yes, we’ve made a few wrong turns (some U-turns).

Enabling High Trust Relationships

The Heart of Culture is founded on this core belief.  In order to provide the services and solutions that hold our passion; we need to provide you with real and measurable business value. It’s not enough to arm you with data and tools.  The solution needs to address your specific and unique needs.

We’ll keep your interests at the core of our efforts, and work hard to earn your confidence, long-term trust, and business.  Our passion for high trust relationships is fundamental to great culture and it is the heart of every client relationship we forge.

You are the Standard

We offer customized, comprehensive, field-tested solutions, developed through practical, wide-ranging experience. We provide solutions that directly relate to your actual business drivers, address your unique performance challenges, and build a strong culture around your vision.

The result for you is a more successful business that has a healthy culture, offers exemplary customer service to your employees and customers, and realizes an increased and improved bottom line.