Culture is Not the Soft Side of Organization

Imagine if a quarter of your computers suddenly didn’t work. Imagine if a third of your products or services weren’t delivered. Imagine if a large percentage of your employees weren’t engaged. Now imagine if you didn’t know until it was too late.

Most midsize fast growing companies have training programs for software, sales, marketing, and various other functions to ensure the successful delivery of products and services. That makes sense. What is too often overlooked is that culture is owned by everyone in your organization and is its greatest asset. Successful, long lasting high performance organizations view culture as a key strategic driver. Its managed, measured and understood and not simply left to chance.

Realizing this asset to achieve success must start at the top. When leadership embodies the values, norms and beliefs of the culture, it will sustain itself. Our solutions ensure that this process begins at the top and grows stronger as it moves down through the organization.

More Than a CEO

Gone are the days of one visionary leader, heralded by all and followed by many. Today’s organizations are filled with influential leaders and linchpins at many levels. Great organizations embrace collaborative leadership. That leadership empowers their stakeholders, teams, and employees to be critical elements of the overall corporate culture and help drive superior financial results. It may begin at the top, but culture is a thing that must be embraced by everyone.

Culture Is Your Secret Weapon

In the business community, we have seen it happen with companies like Starbucks, Southwest Airlines and Zappos; culture done right breeds extraordinary success. Do you think that these organizations are isolated cases with the budgets to magically create great culture? We assure you; that’s simply not true. Companies like these are committed to culture as the core of their business from the start and are dedicated to culture as the core of their business strategy.

Growing and scaling a company is a tough climb; attempting it without embracing and articulating your values and culture needs means you may never make it out of base camp.

Organizational Culture: The Powerful Source of Energy and Influence for Behavior Change

You’ve done many things right in growing your business. As an ambitious company experiencing rapid growth, it’s imperative that your culture evolves at the same pace. We will help you clearly articulate what culture you want, identify where it is now, and roadmap how it can flourish in lockstep with your growth plans.

Mobilize Rational and Emotional Forces to Reinforce the New Culture

Culture change, is not simply about introducing and implementing new skills, processes, pool tables or cappuccino machines. Research shows that both rational (left brain) and emotional (right brain) elements, merged and utilized effectively, have the power to yield positive, measurable, and sustainable growth.