Five signs your company could end up making #METOO headlines

stop-1470968-1598x926 The #METOO movement has exposed sexual harassment and sexual abuse as problems. In reality, those issues have been around since the beginning of work. The movement has encouraged women and men to stand up and share their experiences. It should never have been ignored, but many leaders are claiming they had no idea the problem […]

Five Rituals for Enhancing Your Mindfulness Superpower

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Mindfulness seems to be all the rage these days as a way to reduce stress. Millions of people are discovering the power of this ancient practice every day. While the business world has adopted mindfulness as a way to boost productivity, it has an even better superpower. It can help you nurture and grow your […]

Stop it! How to stop the behaviour that can kill a company culture

stop-sign-1496105-1280x960 There are thousands of tips for things you can start to do to improve your company or team culture. Sometimes, the most important thing you can do is to stop the behaviours that are dragging everything down. “Stop, Start, Continue” is a useful tool that managers have relied on for decades to provide feedback that […]

Resilient Leadership

resiliency I had the honour of being interviewed by the lovely Jason Dykstra from my dear friends at Credence & Co. – Workplaces. We have a 35 min casual chat about Resilient Leadership. Have a listen. Resilient Leader Podcast

Resilience to Power – 11 Tips for Getting There

Maybe the weather has been a little gray. Maybe the evening news makes you want to weep. What about things in your personal life? How’s that going? Work? While you may think there are a lot of reasons to be glum, wallowing in a negative place won’t help you get what you want out of […]

Breaking the belief systems that hold us back

garbage-1420577-1280x1280     What’s that thought running through your head? Neuroscientists estimate that humans have, on average 70,000 thoughts per day. Far too many of those thoughts are filled with negative chatter. For some of us, up to 80% of our thoughts can be negative self-talk. “Why did you say that?” “You look old, fat and […]

Leading like a coach – turning your team into leaders

whistle Just like leading, coaching is about helping people find their own way. As a leader, your most important role is to remove the barriers that get in your team’s way. Leading like a coach involves asking questions and drawing out facts to help people recognize their obstacles and understand how to overcome them on their […]

When your dream job is a nightmare

road-908176_1920     Imagine landing your dream job only to discover you hate everything about it. There’s a dread that comes with the realization. You may worry what others will think if you give up. You may feel like a failure for not living up to your expectations. Your dream job may turn out to be […]

5 Signs You’re The Manager People Leave and 10 Things To Do About It

white-flag While people leave for better opportunities or to make a career change, having a not so great manager probably tops the list of reasons people leave. As the saying goes, people leave managers, not jobs. No one wants to be “that” manager. Recognizing there’s a problem means you can take action to fix it. Here’s […]

Great Leadership Is All About Authenticity

authenticity smile When it comes to leadership, the words that often come to mind are “strong”, “bold” or maybe even “tough”. We expect our leaders to be fearless and know how to make decisions. A good leader absolutely needs confidence and must be willing to make difficult decisions. A great leader must also be able to build […]