5 Signs You’re The Manager People Leave and 10 Things To Do About It

white-flag While people leave for better opportunities or to make a career change, having a not so great manager probably tops the list of reasons people leave. As the saying goes, people leave managers, not jobs. No one wants to be “that” manager. Recognizing there’s a problem means you can take action to fix it. Here’s […]

Great Leadership Is All About Authenticity

authenticity smile When it comes to leadership, the words that often come to mind are “strong”, “bold” or maybe even “tough”. We expect our leaders to be fearless and know how to make decisions. A good leader absolutely needs confidence and must be willing to make difficult decisions. A great leader must also be able to build […]

How to Foster a Great Company Culture

Culture matters I love my work.  Every day I am blessed to work with companies striving to create flourishing workplace cultures  Imagine my delight to have been featured in The Air Miles magazine this month. Jaclyn Law interviewed me for tips on creating great company cultures.  What an honour. Check out the article by clicking the link […]

Five Key Times to Dust Off Your Corporate Values

rock values alignment Our values are what guide us. When we made decisions that go against our values, we can be left with feelings of regret. For a company, core values can help an organization stay focused on what they stand for, rather than concentrating on immediate gain. They help guide employees to make decisions that are right […]

Creating Meaningful Corporate Values That Drive Success

success arrow Most leaders see the benefits of having formal corporate values. With the right investment of time and energy, corporate values lead to greater engagement, improved performance and overall success. When they’re not done properly, you end up with hollow statements that no one takes seriously. Meaningful core values are part of a company’s DNA. They […]

Reducing Conflict Starts with You

thorns There’s a saying that goes “You take you with you wherever you go”. You are the common denominator in every one of your relationships. What does that mean when it comes to conflict? When we’re in conflict, it’s so easy to blame the other person. You may label them as a bully or obnoxious or […]

Your team’s a mess? You’ve got a culture problem

unhappy Does this sound familiar? “My team’s a mess. They complain all the time. I have one that’s gossiping and another that’s crying in my office every other day. They’re making me crazy and they are not getting anything done.” Team problems don’t start with the extreme. Signs of problems can be much more subtle. Silence […]

Jackie talks leadership and culture on Journey to Success Radio

JourneyToSuccessRadiologoinblue Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of being interviewed by Peter Goral on Journey to Success Radio. Like a fireside chat, we discussed leadership and culture.  It was full of laughter and I hope provides some insights into my work and my beleifs and values.   Listen to the show by click here.

Culture is not catered lunches,exposed brick, keg parties and ping pong tables

Happy Office Project As a consultant that has worked with leaders and leadership teams on workplace culture for 15 years, I am delighted that workplace culture seems to be on the agenda of many C level executives today and so pleased that start ups are pondering how they differentiate to attract key talent with a culture second to […]

Eleven-x calls Jackie Lauer a younger version of Yoda

mentor yoda One of my favourite parts of my week is the time I get to sit at the Accelerator Centre and mentor start up tech CEO’s.  How lucky am I?   I am surrounded by smart innovative folks aspiring to be great leaders who run great business. Every once in a while, a client will surprise us […]