Leadership Coaching

The Heart of Culture Leadership Coaching provides you with a whole system focus that can achieve transformation in your company. Leaders are at the heart of culture and organizations thrive when leaders are demonstrating the behaviors that influence outcomes.

Aligned with strategy and tailored to specific cultural needs, we will meet you where you are and guide the way to extraordinary results. By “whole system” we simply mean introducing you to our tools and techniques at all levels of the organization. We track and measure coaching impact to ensure behavior change and accountability.

The Heart of Culture provides customized one-on-one personal and professional development opportunities for your emerging and seasoned leaders. This provides an excellent option for developing your leadership talent across your organization. We ensure leaders are well matched with just the right professional development expert.

What is coaching?

It would be unthinkable to envision any high performing athlete who doesn’t have a coach. Business leaders are no different. Coaching is now an accepted form of development with high return on investment.

When is coaching helpful?

When people get to the top of their field, it can be hard to ask for help as it often hooks into our personal myths around weakness or fears of inadequacy. This is especially important in a fast growing company where new leaders are coming on board and current leaders are accelerating into new roles.

The Heart of Culture leadership coaching provides a valuable space to build self-awareness practices and develop reflective skills which will enable your leaders to continue to positively impact your business and support the culture.

Our Coaching Approach

We are committed to develop a relationship of trust that allows you to increase the self-awareness that is necessary to make sustainable changes.

Our Leadership Coaching includes:

Additional coaching also available includes: