Individual Assessment

I work one on one with my clients to do a thorough assessment based on their needs. This process may include the following elements to ensure a full evaluation and action plan:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Character Strengths
  • 360 Leadership Style Inventory


Workplace Culture Assessment

Accurately defining your organization’s culture, and the necessary capabilities of key leaders to curate it, is essential for your organizational performance and the stability and effectiveness of your leadership team.

I provide a range of culture assessment services to give you the insight you need on issues of culture and values alignment, and ultimately performance. My culture assessments will give your senior leadership and stakeholders an unvarnished view of your organization’s culture, shedding light on the issues that might impede your performance, prevent alignment of your values and slow achievement of your business objectives.

Assessment findings can be incorporated into hiring strategies to better align your organization’s culture with your human capital – and boost your bottom line.

Your Workplace Culture Assessment results in:

  • Creation of a more successful and profitable company
  • Engaged and more powerful workforce
  • Necessary leadership and talent pipeline required for growth
  • Greater understanding of company culture and values by all stakeholders
  • Alignment of all leadership and employees for strategy in succession planning and mergers and acquisitions
  • Enhanced dimension to your recruitment process to insure you hire the best culture fit and skill set fit

Your Workplace Culture Assessment includes:

  • Outlined plan to address culture and talent needs and gaps
  • Benchmarked progress, culture, and performance metrics
  • Clearly outlined and documented plan of merging culture growth with business results
  • Having fun working with you to ensure you grow fun inside your company