Strategic Planning

The methodologies I use in strategic planning design

Each facilitation is different depending on the needs, culture and purpose of your strategic planning meeting.

The methodologies and frameworks that I will bring to your strategic planning design include:

  • Real Time Strategic Change
  • Future Search
  • Search Conferencing
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Mediation
  • Relationship Systems Coaching

As a consultant and coach, I know that a clear strategic plan is the rudder for every company’s journey to success. Without a solid strategic plan, companies will not attain previously set goals.

My strategic planning facilitation will help you develop a clear, practical strategic plan for measurable results as well as build your strategic planning team effectiveness. I will assess where your company is and facilitate a strategic plan process to reach your company’s goals.

After the strategic planning session, I do offer follow up coaching services for your leaders to ensure your departments reach your company goals.

Coaching your company’s leaders ensures that your company implements and achieves your strategic plan into its day-to-day business practices. Therefore, your strategic plan becomes successful practices implemented and not just ideas on a paper.

Custom Facilitation

Your organization is unique. So why would you want a solution that doesn’t address your unique needs? I agree! Which is why I don’t offer strategic planning in a box.

Instead, I leverage our knowledge of facilitation and various frameworks and methodologies to build the right strategic planning agenda for you and your company.

How Strategic Planning Facilitation Helps Your Company

  • Develop a clear and focused strategic plan
  • Motivate workers to achieve measurable results
  • Clarify your company’s vision, mission, values and goals
  • Identify your company’s strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Build a feasible action plan for each department and individual leader
  • Create and implement a follow-up action plan to insure success
  • Strength the communication and commitment of the strategic planning team

Prior To The Strategic Planning Retreat

  • Create a focused agenda designed for maximum productivity and efficiency’
  • Work with board and/or leadership team to clarify vision, mission, values and goals for the future
  • Assign each member homework for upcoming retreat where appropriate
  • Identify Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT )

During The Strategic Planning Retreat

  • Keep participants focused and productive
  • Insure productive collaboration by facilitating team-building exercises.
  • Ensure open communication by facilitating exercises
  • Mitigate resistance to growth and change amongst participants
  • Allow everyone to focus on their assigned roles and goals
  • Keep track of time and progress
  • Create alignment

Post Retreat Follow Up

  • Follow up action plan
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Coach key leaders to achieve individual and departmental goals
  • Schedule planned meetings to insure that goals are being met